Wawa, April 5, 2017 –  Announced at the Economic Development Annual Meeting on April 5th, by Robin Maj, Branch Manager of the Wawa RBC Branch, the Municipality of Wawa received a $45,000 grant from the 2017 RBC Blue Water Leadership Program.


RBC has a longstanding commitment to environmental sustainability and water stewardship has become an integral part of the RBC Blue Water Project since 2007.


The grant provided to the Municipality of Wawa will help to cover some of the costs of the Wawa Lake Rejuvenation project, including the installation of green storm water filters along the Lake between Ganley Street and Dr. Rose’s Beach. The clean water project includes the construction of a series of bio-swales and a wetland to manage storm water currently flowing into Wawa Lake untreated.


“By using plants and natural materials, the water flowing into the municipal drains that capture rain water and street pollutants will be cleaned before entering our sole source of drinking water,” said Mayor Ron Rody. “The Municipality wishes to thank RBC for this generous grant that will help the community to protect Wawa Lake’s water quality and appearance for generations to come.”


Joining Robin Maj to receive the RBC Blue Water Leadership grant of $45,000 on behalf of the Municipality of Wawa at the EDC Annual Meeting was Councillor Sandra Weitzel.


For further information about the RBC Blue Water Project, please follow the link below www.rbc.com/community-sustainability.


To learn more about the Wawa Lake Rejuvenation project and the Municipality’s storm water plans, please call Alex at 705-856-2244 ex. 242.

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