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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

  • 07 Dec 16

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Have you wanted to recycle but aren’t sure where to go? The EDC has compiled a list of recycling opportunities in both Wawa & Sault Ste-Marie. Feel free to take a look and inform yourself about all the options available to you!  

Municipality of Wawa Approves Age Friendly Final Plan

  • 24 May 16

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Follow the link below to read the press release. Press – Final Plan Approved

Wawa Energy Plan Final Infographic

The Final Wawa Energy Plan Power-Point Presentation

The Wawa Energy Plan was presented and approved by council on January 26, 2016. To see the presentation click below:   Wawa Energy Plan Final Plan Presentation

The Final Wawa Energy Plan Report

After 15 months of collaborative stakeholder consultations, energy data research and analysis the Final Wawa Energy Plan is available to read. Click below to read the report. WAWA ENERGY PLAN_FINAL

Wawa MEP Stage 2_Baseline Energy Study and Energy Maps Report

Wawa Restaurant Guide 2015

Check out these helpful tips on how we can conserve water and save money!

If your 18-29 up to $5000 in free funding is available to you to start a business in Wawa. Apply today! Call Jessie at (705) 856-4419.

  • 24 Oct 14

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The EDC of Wawa presented its 2014 Draft Workplan to municipal council. Click here to see the presentation slides.