The  Municipality  of  Wawa,  with  financial support  from  the  Ministry  of  Energy  and  assistance  from  the  Wawa  Economic Development Corporation and Algoma Power Inc., has completed the Wawa Energy Plan.

The  Wawa  Energy  Plan  will  help  Wawa  to  assess  the  community’s  energy  use  and greenhouse  gas  (GHG)  emissions;  identify  opportunities  to  conserve,  improve energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions; consider impact of future growth and options for local clean energy generation; and support local economic development.

The  Municipality  of  Wawa  believes  that  the  development  of  a  community  energy plan  will  assist  it  in  exploring  energy-related  opportunities  and  challenges  while identifying ways that local residents and businesses can manage their future energy use.  It  has  contracted  with  the  Economic Development  Corporation  to  develop  the plan over the next 12 to 18 months. Stakeholder engagement and public input into the plan is very  important  to the process  and there will be future opportunities for local residents to provide input  into the  Energy  Plan  through surveys, social media and workshops.

In  August,  an  Energy  Advisory  Committee  was  established  to  assist  in  the development of Wawa’s community energy plan with representatives from:

  • Economic Development Wawa – Jim McHardy, Andy Stevens and Russell Reid
  • Municipality  of  Wawa  –  Councillor  Ron  Rody,  Councillor  Yvan  Besner, Chris Wray, CAO/Clerk Treasurer and Jason Morrison, NITGC
  • Algoma Power Inc. – Jody Tait, Energy Conservation Advisor
  • Ministry of Natural Resources – Ralph Spaans
  • Local Residents


Watch the Wawa Energy Plan Video below to learn more and meet some of the faces behind the vision!