Having a population of around 3000 makes Wawa a very quaint place. However, we have a number of competitive advantages not available in many other northern locations that can benefit all types of businesses.

Wawa has a well-integrated transportation infrastructure served by multi-lane provincial highways (Hwy 101), access to rail within a twenty-minute drive and a local municipal airport.

Shipping Harbour
One of only a handful of deepwater shipping harbours located on Lake Superior, Michipicoten Harbour will open doors to markets across the globe in the near future. Shipping is about one-third the cost of transporting by truck, offering a competitive advantage to industry.

Access to Market
Wawa is strategically located in the center of Ontario’s forestry and mining industries. It is also located within two hours of the Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge, an uncongested border entrance into the United States providing easy access for shipments.

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Low Union Presence
Wawa’s labour force has shown a low rate of unionization in its industrial workforce.

Ethnicity Profile
Wawa has a very diverse population with strong European roots and a prevalent Francophone and First Nation population. Approximately 20% of Wawa’s population has identified themselves as French-speaking.

Educated Workforce
Approximately one-quarter of Wawa’s population over the age of 15 years has obtained a post-secondary or other non-university diplomas, compared to the provincial rate of 18% (2006 Census).

Low-Cost Labour
Wawa has lower average wage rates in most labour categories when compared to Thunder Bay or Toronto (2006 Census).

Low-Cost Land & Taxes
Wawa’s Industrial Park has newly developed industrial lots with very negotiable financing terms. Compared to Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay, Wawa has lower industrial tax rates.

Unique Incentive Programs
There is a variety of funding programs for businesses locating in Northern Ontario and Wawa that is unavailable elsewhere.

Services & Support
Wawa has a variety of local economic development agencies with highly skilled professionals eager to assist your business growth in today’s competitive market. These include the EDCW, Superior East Community Futures, Ministry of Northern Development & Mines, Ministry of Natural Resources and Municipality of Wawa.