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Real Estate options in Wawa are broad in scale, able to accommodate persons seeking to rent or purchase.Houses far outnumber apartment accommodations, although both are available and affordable. New home construction is low and vacancy rates are moderate.

There are six apartment buildings in Wawa consisting of three or more stories, including a 21 unit seniors’ apartment building. The majority of available apartments are located in small apartment buildings or private residential dwellings.

There are several social housing units available in Wawa. The Michipicoten Non-Profit Housing Corporation oversees 40 townhouses with a mix of one to four bedroom units with some rents geared to tenant incomes. Makawa Native Non-Profit Housing Inc. manages ten single detached dwellings for aboriginal clients with rents geared to tenant income. The Algoma District Services Board also maintains a number of apartments and townhouses located throughout the community.