Regional Employment Help Centre – Wawa

As an Employer, the Regional Employment Help Centre…

  • Will advertise available job openings.
  • Will prescreen and qualify potential job candidates.
  • Help employers in identifying their human resource skill requirements.
  • Match the position/workplace needs to participants’ skills, capabilities, interests and experience.
  • Support the development of on-the-job training plans.
  • Mentor the placements to support success and retention.

Job Matching, Placements & Incentives: This program offers employers the opportunity to connect and retain the right employees.

Post a Job: Submit your job posting to start finding the right employee for your business.

Interviewing: Conduct a successful interview and questions to ask to be sure you get the right employee.

The Regional Employment Help Centre realizes that time is valuable.
We are here to assist you with your staffing requirements.

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