Become a Member of the EDC of Wawa

The EDC of Wawa will be accepting applications from any resident over 18 who wants to become a member of the Corporation. As a member, you attend the EDC Annual General Meeting on April 22, 2021, and vote for the next term of Directors. Four Director positions will be filled at the Annual Meeting and persons interested in serving for a two-year term can call the EDC to learn more.

Applications must be received by March 19 to be eligible to vote or run for a Director at the Annual Meeting. Apply on-line at, call 856-4419 or email Visit the EDC at 96 Broadway Ave. to learn more.

Please follow the link below to fill out an application to become a member of the Wawa EDC:

Funding Opportunity for Local Business!

Covid-19 Technology Adoption Fund

CTAF will provide eligible businesses, start-ups, municipalities, and Indigenous communities across Northern Ontario (within the Algoma Region) with access to capital grant funding to acquire digital technology and e-business and marketing solutions to ensure they can survive and adapt to the challenges presented by COVID-19.

The Covid-19 Technology Adoption Fund is capital grant funding for eligible applicants of up to $10,000 with a minimum contribution of 25% from the applicant towards the project.

Eligible project types for digital technology and e-business and marketing :

  1. Productivity
    Time tracking software for mapping out where time is spent
    Streamline work processes with digital dictation
    Use project management and task management tools to stay on top of daily responsibilities
    Create a filing system to make it easier to sort, save, share and find documents
    Develop an efficient email management process that makes it easier to stay on top of the flow of messages

2. Financial Management
Use an on-line invoicing service to reduce the cost of collecting from customers
Use on-line budget tracking to keep on top of, and reduce expenses
File reports more efficiently on-line
Use a comprehensive accounting software to streamline business finances

3. Social Marketing Solution
Use software to create a marketing plan that they can edit, update and share with their team
Please note this excludes any form of advertising

4. Collaboration & Learning
Webinars or web conferences for keeping everyone informed with travelfree face-to-face time
Expand their knowledge and empower their team with on-line business training
Set up an Intranet for local file sharing
Communicate quickly and clearly with team messaging software

5. Customer Service
Use social media to conduct customer service and CRM set-up
Set up an on-line help desk or ticket system to handle customer issues
Allow clients to schedule appointments on-line at their convenience
Use on-line surveys and questionnaires to seek customer feedback

6. Mobile Working & Commuting
Create a mobile office that allows them to work productively from anywhere
Try remote desktop applications to access files on their computer
Help companies go paperless, to save money on supplies and storage in their office

How To Apply:

You can submit your application online by filling out our online form HERE. Please contact if you experience any issues completing or submitting your application form.

Once you have submitted your application form, a member of SSMIC staff will reach out to make contact with you to hold a remote consultation to review your application and project.

If you have any questions regarding applying for this program, please contact the Sault Ste Marie Innovation Centre at 1-705-942-7927.


Your business could be eligible for up to a $25,000 GRANT to help adjust to the impacts of Covid-19 and the Wawa EDC is here to help!

On Monday, September 28, 2020, Greg Rickford, Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines and Minister of Indigenous Affairs announced the creation of a new short-term Northern Ontario Recovery Program (NORP) to help businesses adapt to new COVID-19 public health guidelines and protect employees and customers.

Companies can apply to NORP for assistance with projects that help them adjust to the impacts of COVID-19, such as, but not limited to; building renovations and new constructions, customer and employee safety installations, equipment purchases, including personal protective equipment (PPE) marketing for new business initiatives, and restructuring of business operations.

Applications are open with the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC) administering the new program from October 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020, and funds are given on a first come first serve basis.

To learn more or apply click the following link:

For more information about applying, please contact Linda Bouchard Berzel by calling 1-705-255-8316 or by sending an email to

If you need assistance in filling out an application, please call the EDC of Wawa at 705-856-4419, or email, we would be happy to help!

Wawa joins Digital Main Street’s ShopHERE Program to Support Local Businesses

To help support our local small businesses, today Wawa is joining the ShopHERE powered by Google program. ShopHERE in collaboration with the Economic Development Corporation of Wawa and the Wawa Business Improvement Association looks to help over 100 local businesses get online this year.

ShopHERE powered by Google, which started in the City of Toronto, helps independent businesses and artists build or improve their digital presence and minimize the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In May, Google​ Canada announced​ a one million dollar investment to enable Digital Main Street’s to expand the program to municipalities across the country, offering more businesses and artists the opportunity to build their own online store.

The opportunities afforded by the digital economy are still limited if people don’t have the right skills. Understanding this from the outset, the program has been designed to help more small businesses and artists receive the digital skills training needed to participate in the digital economy.

The program is now available to small businesses in Wawa. Local businesses and artists can apply for the program at to get their online store built at no-cost.

“Wawa has a thriving community of local bricks and mortar and home-based businesses as well as artisans and artists that will benefit from the program,” says Andy Stevens, Chair of the EDC. “It will make getting online accessible and serve to support businesses and the Wawa Goose Nest Market vendors to access a wider market segment that was not available to these businesses in the past.”

“The Wawa BIA and EDC Wawa are working in concert to help bring the ShopHERE program to local businesses, artisans and artists with the understanding that if businesses are going to thrive in the information era they must have an online presence that is attractive and functional. A big thank you to all the companies and teams involved that are making this program possible.” Liz Talian Clarke, Chair of the Wawa BIA.

“Since Google began its business in Canada nearly twenty years ago, we’ve been focused on helping Canadian businesses of all sizes to unlock the prosperity of the internet,” says Sabrina Geremia, VP and Country Manager, Google Canada. “We remain optimistic and more determined than ever that technology is the toolkit for a world of opportunities. Our one million dollar investment will go towards expanding the ShopHERE program nationally, so we can help small businesses across Canada navigate the challenges ahead.”

To find out more about the ShopHERE program, contact the EDC Wawa at, by phone 705 856 4419, or go to to register directly.

Become a Member of the Wawa Economic Development Corporation

The EDC of Wawa will be accepting applications from any resident over 18 who wishes to become a member of the Economic Development Corporation of Wawa. As a member, you may vote and run for a Director’s position at the EDC Annual General Meeting on April 3, 2019. As a Director, you can work with ten other community leaders to make Wawa more attractive to investors, business owners and visitors.

There are up to 11 persons on the EDC Board and up to five director positions will be filled at the AGM in April. Persons interested in serving on the Board sit for a two-year term and attend monthly meetings usually dedicating about five hours per month to economic development initiatives.

Wawa residents over the age of 18 years may fill out an online application through our Facebook page, our website or you may obtain a membership application by contacting Jessie Labonte at 856-4419 / email: or visit the EDC office at 96 Broadway Avenue.  Apply by March 22 to vote at the April 3 meeting.…/m1w5tka51aoav…/