Wawa Economic Development Annual Report – 2016

The Wawa Economic Development’s Annual General Meeting took place on Wednesday, April 5, 2017. Members and guests heard from guest speaker Bruce Strapp, Executive Director of the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation on the programs that are offered to public and private sector business in Northern Ontario.

Following Bruce, was a special presentation by Robin Maj, RBC Wawa Branch Manager, who presented a $45,000 cheque on behalf of the RBC Blue Water Fund to the Municipality of Wawa, the result of a grant application for the Wawa Lake Waterfront Rejuvenation Project.

Following the special presentation was Maury O’Neill, Wawa Economic Development CEO, who provided the audience with her annual report, giving an overview of the actions taken by the EDC in 2016, as well as projected actions to be taken in 2017. To view the Annual Report, please click the link below:

CEO AGM Report 2016

2017 RBC Blue Water Project Leadership Grant Announced for Wawa

 Wawa, April 5, 2017 –  Announced at the Economic Development Annual Meeting on April 5th, by Robin Maj, Branch Manager of the Wawa RBC Branch, the Municipality of Wawa received a $45,000 grant from the 2017 RBC Blue Water Leadership Program.


RBC has a longstanding commitment to environmental sustainability and water stewardship has become an integral part of the RBC Blue Water Project since 2007.


The grant provided to the Municipality of Wawa will help to cover some of the costs of the Wawa Lake Rejuvenation project, including the installation of green storm water filters along the Lake between Ganley Street and Dr. Rose’s Beach. The clean water project includes the construction of a series of bio-swales and a wetland to manage storm water currently flowing into Wawa Lake untreated.


“By using plants and natural materials, the water flowing into the municipal drains that capture rain water and street pollutants will be cleaned before entering our sole source of drinking water,” said Mayor Ron Rody. “The Municipality wishes to thank RBC for this generous grant that will help the community to protect Wawa Lake’s water quality and appearance for generations to come.”


Joining Robin Maj to receive the RBC Blue Water Leadership grant of $45,000 on behalf of the Municipality of Wawa at the EDC Annual Meeting was Councillor Sandra Weitzel.


For further information about the RBC Blue Water Project, please follow the link below www.rbc.com/community-sustainability.


To learn more about the Wawa Lake Rejuvenation project and the Municipality’s storm water plans, please call Alex at 705-856-2244 ex. 242.

Yellow Fish Road Program – Wawa

Did you know that the storm drain basins along Broadway Avenue and the streets that lead to the Wawa Lake Beach send rain water and other materials collected during storms and snow melt directly into Wawa Lake untreated? This means that garbage, cigarettes, fertilizers and other pollutions enter our drinking water supply without any filtration which could affect the quality of our drinking water. It also results in litter forming along the beachfront and storm drain pollution can also harm fish and wildlife.

In partnership with the Municipality of Wawa and The Ontario Trillium Foundation, Economic Development Wawa is launching a Yellow Fish Road™ program, to raise local awareness around this issue.

The Yellow Fish Road™ Program was created by Trout Unlimited Canada and is a fun and exciting way to remind local residents that these storm drains are for rainwater only.  Youth volunteers will paint “yellow fish” symbols with the words “Rainwater Only‟ beside storm drains and distribute fish-shaped brochures to nearby households. These activities remind people to properly use and safely dispose of hazardous household chemicals, cigarette butts and other garbage rather than allowing these to enter storm drains and our lakes.

All Wawa Youth are invited to help build awareness about storm water pollution this Spring by volunteering to paint storm drains around Wawa Lake with yellow fish and the words “RAINWATER ONLY!” To help Wawa celebrate Earth Day, two paint dates are being planned on Friday, April 21nd and Friday, April 28th followed by a pizza party.

Interested youth who want to help with this project should contact Shawn Mahon at the EDC at 705-856-4419 or email smahon@edcwawa.ca . All time spent helping with the  Wawa Yellow Fish Road™ program will count as school volunteer hours and an information session is planned for Friday, April 7th at 3:00 p.m. to learn more.

For information about Yellow Fish Road™, go to http://tucanada.org/yellow-fish-road/